Look Om Pra Pidta in Sacred Chinabanchorn Powders - 3 Inch Bucha Statue - Por Tan Khai 2549 BE

Look Om Pid Ta Yant Yung 3 Inch Statue - Long Tong (gold painted) - Nuea Pong Chinabanchorn 'Twee Sap' edition 2549 BE - Por Tan Khai - Wat Lam Nao - 3 Blessing ceremonies with 9 Khao or Master Monks

Pra Pid Ta Yant Yung - first ever edition of the Great Yantra that forms the image of a Buddha Closing off all Exterior Stimuli - made from sacred Chinabanchorn Powders (Pong Chinabanchorn), Sacred Holy Wood powders (Pong Mai Jakkapat) with a Kring rattle inserted made from 'Gaew Khon Hlek' (a crystal mineral with hair-like metallic strips trapped within it). Blessed by Por Tan Khai of Wat Lam Nao, and a Host of master Monks of the Samnak Saiyasart Dtak Sila Khao Or - the Thousand Year old Southern School of Sorcery. Luang Phu Khai's Chinabanchorn Powder is famous for its immense Pokasap and Protection power to increase riches and possessions (wellbeing), and block out any dangers.

The Look om Pid Ta Yant Yung is a Master Wicha which contains a number of different powerful Yantra with Sacred Blessings of different types concealed within the outer surface of the Look Om' Yant To, to fulfill your dreams, Yant Jaroen Sri, Yant Na Omgut (Metta Mahaniyom) Yant U (Maha Ud).

The amulets received a total of Three Empowerment Ceremonies, with some of the Greatest Masters present to lend their abilities and Blessings to the edition, and strengthen its powers from all angles. The Look om is called a Look Om and Not a 'Pra Pid Ta' because this time, the Pid ta is so closed in on itself, that even its soft spot, the belly is covered and defended well. All major orifices and weak spots are this close and impenetrable. Riches are attracted in but do not ever flow out. Attacks are impenetrable as to the armadillo when he curls up into a ball. The Yant which cover the outer face emanate their magical protection, Metta Attraction and Auspicous Blessings in all directions of its spherical surface.

The base of the Look Om has one Yant 'Leu' and one Yant 'Ler' inserted within, a triple Takrut Sam Kasat, and a piece of the Civara Robe of Por Tan Khai Wajasit.

The Look Om were empowered by Por Tan Khai and 8 other Masters at Wat Lam Nao, in a total of three Powerful Ceremonies bestowed upon these amulets. What More could you ask for indeed than this, to be certain of a powerful Sacred Image coming from the great Master Lineage of the Khao Or Sorcerors.

On all 3 Puttapisek Blessing Ceremonies, 9 of the Greatest Khao or Masters were present to empower; Por Tan Khai, Por Tan Tuam (Wat Sri Suwan, Surat Tani), Por Tan Chuang (Wat Kuang Baddaram, Pattalung), Por Tan Kloi (Wat Phu Khao Tong, Pattalung), Por Tan Prohm (Wat Ban Suan, Pattalung), Por Tan Iad (Wat Koke Yaem, Pattalung), Pra Kroo Palad Manoche (Wat Nikom Siree, Nakorn Sri Tammarat), Pra Maha Utai (Wat Don Sala, Pattalung, and Pra Kroo Wijit Tammapan (Wat Pha Dor, Pattalung).

The Look Om were made in this Bucha Size 3 Inch Image made from Sacred Powders, and also as small Loi Ongk amulets in various Precious and/or Sacred Metals.The sacred metal amulets were 1.9 Cm in size.

Only 399 of the Bucha size sacred Chinabanchorn Powder statues were made, and of those, a very few were selected and given a golden coating on the Yant inscription. The remaining amulets in the series were made in the following metals and numbers;

Solid Gold (Nuea Tong Kam) - 9 amulets made 35 grams of solid gold used for the amulet

Solid Silver (Nuea Ngern) - 399 amulets made

9 Sacred Metals with much Real Gold (Nuea Nava Gae Tong Kam) - 599 amulets made

Silver Alloy (Albaca) - 599 amulets made

Red Bronze (Nuea Samrit Daeng) - 2549 amulets made

The edition was called 'Twee Sap', which means 'double your possessions', and was to celebrate the 77th Year as a Monk. Por Tan Khai Wajasits 92nd birthday and 77th year as a monk fell on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. This makes it a double number 77, which is a very auspiciuous and luck bringing number.

In addition to the Look Om Pid Ta Yant Yung images, there was also a Series of Por Tan Khai Yant Yung Loi Ongk statuettes made with Por Tan Khai covered in Sacred Yantra. A special 'Chor Kring Por Tan Khai' was also made (a metal tree with many Kring amulets on it).

There were also some other amulets including the Nakorn Sri tammarat Era style Pid (Rocket-Head), some Pra Sangkajjai, some Pra Somdej made from Por Tan Khai's amazing Chinabanchorn Powders, and some Pra Kring Buddha images.

This is the first ever edition of Look Om Pid Ta Yant Yung released by Por Tan Khai or Wat Lam Nao Temple, and is thus classified as 'Perd Dtamra' (the opening of a new legend), and a marking point in the documentation of the history of amulets of Wat Lam Nao Temple.

Kata Bucha Por Tan (Luang Phu) Khai

Por Tan Khai is known for his love of chanting the Kata Chinabanchorn - for this reason, the best way to Bucha Por tan Khai is to chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times, and then the Kata Chinabanchorn, with also if wished, the Kata for his Mentor por Tan Klai Wajasit.

Kata Pra Pid Ta

Tamma Jaggang Bpatang Sudt Dtawaa Puch Chidt Dtawaa Adt Dtang
Bpatang Sandtigae Arahaa Laapo Logaanang Hidtagaranaa Pandtae
Pawam Bpadtinaama Dtisulokae Subpaagadto Prahma Budt Dto Mahaa Thaero
Araho Chaedtago Muni Bpidt Dti Thaero Samo Inta Kantappaa Asuraa Taewaa
Saggo Prahmaa Pi Bpuchidto Na Mo Put Tas Sa Kawam Bpadtissa
Na Mo Tammassa Kawam Bpadtissa Na Mo Sangkassa Kawam Bpadtissa
Sukhaa Sukha Warang Tammang Tammajagga Bpawarang Warang

Kata Bucha Por Tan Klai Wajasit

Puttang Arahang Putto

Tammang Arahang Putto

Sangkang Arahang Putto

Pisit Athagaaro Namo Puttaaya

Free mp3 Sound Tutorial for proper Pronunciation for both the Kata Por Tan Klai , and the Kata Pra Pid Ta, are downloadable after you have purchased the amulet. Simply log in to your account with us and go to the files tab to download MP3 sound Tutorial for this Kata. For the Chinabanchorn Kata, the links given provide full tutorial online

Look Om Pid Ta Yant Yung 3 Inch Statue - Long Tong (gold painted) - Nuea Pong Chinabanchorn 'Twee Sap' edition 2549 BE - Por Tan Khai - Wat Lam Nao - 3 Blessing ceremonies with 9 Khao or Master Monks

Putta Pisek Blessing - Ajarn Somrach Amulets

Puttapisek Blessing  Maha Baramee Prataat Chedi 
 Ajarn Somrach, Chiang Mai

The 'Run Maha Baramee Prataat Chedi 2553 edition of amulets by Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai), had its Puttapisek empowerment and blessing Ceremony on Monday 26 March, which is the Thai Chinese 'Trus Jin' festival (Chinese festival). It was also the occasion of a Solar Eclipse, which is seen as perhaps the most powerful time for an empowerment ceremony.

Ajarn Somrach was the Master of Ceremonies. When the astrological alignments were in place (at 15:39 in the afternoon), and the Solar Eclipse came into its cusp, Ajarn Somrach began to recite the 'Chumnum Taewada' (invitiation to the Deities to come and be present to listen to the Dhamma), and invited the Devas, Devata and Brahmas in the Heavenly Realms to come down and be witnesses, and to help in the empowerment ceremony of the amulets.

Then he invoked the Baramee and power of the various Kroo Ba Ajarn. Luang Phu Chern (Wat Ta Ee, Buriram) was present to preside over the Chanting as head of ceremonies for the Sangha. Many other great Master Monks came to join in the empowerment ceremony, such as Luang Phu Som, and a host of Ajarn who ware famous for their Maha sanaeh magic power.

They chanted to invite and ask the Baramee of Pra Khun Phaen to come and reside within the amulets, and give its blessing. The empowerment ceremony continued for over 2 hours, after which, the amulets were taken and kept in the hom of the sponsor who financed the amulets. In the middle of the night, , something strange happened; The whole house,roof, windows and furniture began to shake as if there was an earthquake! (no earthquakes officially reported that evening).

Once the empowerment was complete, Ajarn Somrach took them and contined to empower them and impress Jhanic power into them for one 'Traimas' (three months), to make the amulets extremely powerful.

Piti Chalong Sompote - 2nd Puttapisek ceremony

After the first empowerment and Ajarn Somrachs consequent Trisemestral personal Jhanic empowerment of the amulets, a second ceremony was arranged  to re-empower them with even more magic. The ceremony was held at the main Shrine room of Wat Mae Sab Nuea in Sameng, Chiang Mai. The ceremony was held on the 6th July 2552, which is the day when Thai Budsdhists of the Lanna tradition celebrate the cleaning and tracing of Astrological influences/Fate. 11 Monks were present to Chant Kata and Puttamontr (Buddhist prayers), as well as to chant the Buddhacayamangkalakata (Kata of the victories of Buddha), to give auspicious blessings to the amulets.

Pra Pid Ta Maha Lap Maha Sethee Nava Loha Silver base with Kring - Luang Pu Kambu

Luang Phu Kambu has released a special edition of Classic Pra Pid Ta amulets in various Sacred and Precious Metals. The Pid Ta have a Kring Bead inserted inside them (Sacred Rattle), and are thus not only Pid Ta, but also 'Pra Kring' amulets. This example is made from 'Nuea Nava Loha' (Nine Sacred Metals smelted from Ancient Artifacts and Amulets).

Blessed on the 7th March 2555 BE, in Putta Pisek Ceremony at Wat Gut Chompoo. The amulets were made in various Sacred Metals

Run Maha Lap Maha Sethee edition Amulets;

Bucha Statue
Bucha size Pra Pid Ta 3 Inches wide, 6 Inches high - 199 statues made with 'Phiw Rom Dam Man Pu' (black oily finish). The base of the statue has hair of Luang Phu Kambu, Puttakun Powder, and ancient 'Mai Sim' wood inside the statue.

Loi Onk Statuette amulets;
  • Pra Pid Ta Nuea Maekapat - 299 amulets made
  • Pra Pid Ta Nuea Lek Nam Pi Pasom tapu Sangkawanorn - 199 amulets made
  • Pra Pid Ta Nuea Pink Gold - 299 amulets made
  • Pra Pid Ta Nuea Ngern (solid silver) - 199 amulets made
  • Pra Pid Ta Nuea Nava Glab Dam - 999 amulets made
  • Pra Pid Ta Nuea Samrit Boran - 2999 amulets made
  • Gammagarn set with solid gold base - 80 sets made with the following Metals; Nuea Maekapat,
  • Nuea Pink Gold, Nuea Lek Nam Pi Pasom Sangkawanorn, Nuea Nava Glab Dam, and Nuea Samrit

Each amulet has some hair of Luang Phu Kambu, Puttakun Powder, and ancient 'Mai Sim' wood inside the statue. The base is sealed with a solid silver plate with Sacred Yantra inscription, and limited edition code number embossed.

Size; 3.5 Cm High x 2.0 Cm wide base 
All amulets of the series have a solid silver base, except for the Gammagarn set which has solid gold base covering. Comes with original temple box. Can be encased if desired.

Pra Pid Ta Nuea Nava Loha Gon Ngern ud Kring 'Run Maha Lap Maha Sethee 2555 BE - Luang Phu Kambu - Wat Gut Chompoo